Fox News Goes Rogue & Fact-Checks Trump’s Speech -Viewers In Shock (VIDEO)


On Tuesday night, the entire country was forced to subject themselves to another one of Trump’s “presidential” addresses which, as expected, was overly-dramatic and riddled with lies.

He actually had the audacity to say that what’s happening at the border is a “humanitarian crisis” when almost a million government employees are out of work and will likely not be paid again this next pay period which falls on January 11. The “humanitarian crisis” is with his government employees, and it’s ALL his fault.

It’s obvious that Trump is well aware that he’s at fault, which is why he went as far as he did Tuesday night to continue to spread fear amongst his base. At one point in his address, Trump even tried to incite a race war between black Americans and immigrants fleeing countries south of our US border.


After Trump’s address, every major network held panels and fact-checked our so-called “president.” There will likely be tweets coming from Trump claiming that the “Fake News” media is at it again, but it seems that in a rare occurrence, even Trump’s favorite network — Fox News — thinks Donald is full of crap.

Fox News host Shep Smith did not hold back with his assessment, even going so far as to refute Trump’s claims about violent crime and murder statistics being high among undocumented immigrants stating:

‘Government statistics show that there is less violent crime by the undocumented immigrant population than by the general population.’

Smith also pushed back on Trump’s outrageous claims about drugs crossing the border illegally, saying:

‘But government statistics show much of the heroin actually comes not over the unguarded border but through ports of call.’

Trump also lied in his address when he said that it was law-enforcement officials who requested the $5.7 billion border wall, and Smith was quick to point that out:

‘It’s he who requested it and he who said he would own the shutdown. Nevertheless he’s making the case to keep his base together on this matter.’

Watch Shep Smith’s full segment below:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.