Jim Acosta Trolls Trump W.H. With Wednesday Tweet That Has Republicans Spazzing


The White House has been at war with CNN’s lead correspondent, Jim Acosta. First Donald Trump intentionally baited the journalist. After that, the president took Acosta’s credentials and threw him off of the White House grounds. After all, POTUS wrongly considers the press “the enemy of the people.” Then, this happened:

Kellyanne Conway talked to Acosta outside of the White House, and granted he tried to get a rise out of her. Still, the White House Counsel to the President has been in this business for a long time, and she is an attorney to boot. Maybe, Conway wanted the public attention as much as Acosta did. It ended with her calling the journalist a “smart ass.”

NBC and MSNBC analyst, John Weaver encouraged Acosta to “Keep on:”

‘Hey “smart ass” @Acosta !! Keep on keeping on brother!’

Acosta replied to Weaver’s tweet with one of his own:

‘That’s the plan. ?

Acosta commented on the president’s national speech on network and cable television. The journalist said he had thought that the president would be handing out “recycled rhetoric,” according to Fox News.

‘That’s pretty much what we got. (Trump called immigrants) criminals and killers and so on” since he first declared his political aspirations. Not much has changed in terms of the president’s rhetoric on this. He did say… Democrats asked for the steel barrier. … I just talked to a senior Democratic aide up on the Capitol Hill who said, “No, we as a party did not ask for a steel barrier.”‘

The dance of sharp-edged words between Acosta and Conway will likely continue.

Twitter world went insane. Check out some of our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.