Jimmy Kimmel Announces Show Jobs For Federal Workers During Shutdown


Since the federal government remains partially shutdown at present, hundreds of thousands of workers face indefinite periods without pay. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel wants to help — and you know that when a comedian can make a simple gesture that’s more powerful than anything the president of the United States is doing, we’re in dire straits.

Kimmel has announced he’ll be having one affected government worker on his show per day until the shutdown ends, giving them “jobs” like playing the tambourine with the show’s band and filling in for his usual sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez.

His first such guest appeared Monday. California federal prison guard John Kostelnik joined the band for a bit, saying that he “absolutely” is against “being used as a pawn in this fight over the wall.”

President Donald Trump has refused to approve any funding to open the closed parts of the government without billions of dollars for a border wall he’s long sought to block off Mexico. Originally, in Trump’s telling, Mexico was going to pay for the wall, but now he’s holding critical government services hostage over the wall — and still saying Mexico will pay for it through their concessions under a new trade deal, although that’s just not how it works. They’re not “paying us” anything.

Kimmel’s second guest was the U.S. Forest Service fire department’s Mark Munoz, who was on the Tuesday night edition of his show. He said he’d battled the infamous recent wildfires that have rocked California, but now, wherever duty calls, he’s expected to work without pay after having received his indefinitely last paycheck last week.

Trump has insisted that he can “relate” to workers like Kostelnik and Munoz, who he says will just have to make adjustments like they always do. He’s added that he believes most if not all of the affected workers would support his push for a border wall if asked, although there’s no evidence of this.

Tuesday night, he attempted to make his case to anyone who would listen — affected federal workers included — via a nationally televised primetime address. That talk was full of lies and fearmongering, as can be expected from the president at this point.

Featured Image via screenshot from the video