Kellyanne Conway Has Post Trump Speech Fact-Check Freakout On LIVE Wednesday TV


Tuesday night, for the first time since he took office, President Donald Trump addressed the nation during prime-time from the Oval Office. His advisers including Kellyanne Conway continue to tout the stance he delivered in that speech as poised to make waves, despite the fact that reality doesn’t change just because the president wants it to.

There is no “crisis” at the United States’ southern border warranting the construction of a wall. There are issues as there are with any population of people, but those issues do not condemn the entire population of immigrants, undocumented or otherwise. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous.

Yet, that’s precisely what longtime Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway continued to do this Wednesday during an appearance on Fox, going so far down the rabbit hole of her team’s political stance that she dismissed polling numbers that don’t even exist yet. Insisting “whatever they say is a lie!” isn’t exactly a strong defense strategy in any situation whatsoever.

Still, Conway told Fox hosts:

‘I know there will be some phoney baloney polling question constructions — a business I was in for decades before I came here — to show that it didn’t move the needle, America is against the wall, etc. — so watch the way these polling questions are formed and watch the way Democrats in the past have actually supported border security!’

Watch below.

Democrats are still in support of border security. However, a massive wall does not constitute necessary border security, as evidenced via facts like that the drugs the Trumpers love to point to often come smuggled through legal ports of entry. The Trump administration hasn’t even used the vast majority of border security funding that Democrats approved for the previous fiscal year!

Yet, Trump and his cronies continue to hold the government hostage over their demands for billions of dollars for a border wall.

Conway pointed out that Democrats “could not tell you” that there have been no crimes committed either by immigrants or against immigrants seeking to make it into the country, but to suggest that the existence of crime demands the literal walling off of an entire population is at a level of racism reminiscent of totalitarian leaders like Adolf Hitler. There’s no way around it — it’s that ludicrous and over the top.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the video