Nancy Pelosi Takes Trump Down A Peg With Post Meeting Tantrum Rebuttal (VIDEO)


Trump insisted several times throughout the government shutdown, a shutdown he said he was “proud” to own, that Pelosi was only opposing him because she was afraid of losing her bid for Speaker of the House. On Wednesday, Pelosi showed him that that’s not the case.

During what was supposed to be a bipartisan meeting to negotiate re-opening the government, Trump threw a tantrum when he did not get his way. Asking once again if Dems would approve five billion dollars in spending for a pointless border wall in exchange for ending the shutdown, Pelosi once again told him no…because he didn’t seem to hear her the first hundred times. Trump, according to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, slammed his fists on the table, yelled “bye bye,” and stormed out of the room.

According to NBC News:

‘President Donald Trump abruptly walked out of a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday in the White House Situation Room after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she wouldn’t fund his border wall even if he ended the government shutdown.

‘”She said ‘No,'” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said, adding that Trump slammed the table. “He said, ‘Then we have nothing to discuss’ …He just walked out of the meeting.”‘

For once, Trump is not even trying to deny their version of events. Mr. Art of the Deal, the man who once insisted that any government shutdown was the fault of a useless president who couldn’t bring both parties to the table, was proud of his tantrum, posting online about it for all his supporters to see.

‘Trump quickly confirmed Schumer’s version of events in a tweet, making the details of the testy exchange the only thing the president and his Democratic counterparts could agree on in their fight over reopening a partially closed federal government and funding a border wall.’

The majority of the country would become destitute and risk homelessness with the loss of a single paycheck. As 800,000 government workers face that very threat, Trump tried to claim that he understands their plight and identifies with the pain they feel. Nancy Pelosi was quick to shut that idea down.

‘Pelosi cast Trump, the wealthy son of a real-estate developer, as insensitive to the plight of government workers who are due to miss paychecks this week.

‘”He thinks they could maybe just ask their father for more money, but they can’t,” she said.’

Dangling the fates of hundreds of thousands of American workers, as well as every American who will suffer from the shutdown, Trump tried to go into negotiations with threats. Democrats weren’t buying it.

‘As he met with Republican and Democratic leaders and Vice President Mike Pence, the White House issued a threat to veto a series of House spending bills that would open individual agencies because they don’t include money for the wall. The threat said Trump’s advisers “would recommend” that he veto the bills, rather than using the stronger language that the “president would” veto the bills that the Office of Management and Budget sometimes uses.’

For full video of their comments, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube