Trump Snaps After Reading Speech Fact-Checks & Has Unhinged Morning Freakout


No one ever accused Donald Trump of being very smart, and he proves all of those people right on a daily basis. Nowhere can Trump’s pure ignorance be seen more on full display than on his Twitter feed, where he posted this gem on Wednesday morning.

All other issues about this tweet aside, note that he spelled the word “forest” wrong not once, but twice.

FEMA money sent to California goes to residents who have been displaced from their homes. This proclamation, a cruel and idiot one at best, wouldn’t just hurt the government of California as they recover from a tragedy. It would leave American citizens homeless as they grieve hundreds of people who have died in those wildfires.

Of course, Trump has a solution for all of this. Californians just need to get off their couches and go sweep the forest floor. After all, Trump has decided that that’s the true issue in a state where decreased snowpacks from California mountains, thanks to the effects of climate change, are causing rapidly-spreading wildfires.

Trump’s true issue with California is that the governor and the vast majority of residents don’t like him and won’t endorse or vote for him. For that, in a dictator’s ideal world, they will suffer. No matter how many times Trump is told that the wildfires have nothing to do with forest (or forrest) management, he’s going to keep pushing these punishments until he’s finally pushed out of office, which cannot possibly come soon enough.

Twitter was both furious and amused by Trump’s idiocy. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube