Jim Acosta Follows Trump To Texas & Shows Up At Perfect Moment To Incite Donald’s Rage


If anyone believed everything Trump says (no one with any sense does), they’d think that brutal slayings of American citizens and rampant violence and chaos are happening all over the towns along the southern border. To see if this is true, CNN’s Jim Acosta went to McAllen, Texas, where Trump is headed to give a report on the “humanitarian crisis” plaguing poor, defenseless Americans without his wall.

What Acosta found was not Americans being slaughtered or criminals running wild, but a sleepy town with a low level of crime and residents who say they’re doing just fine despite parts of their southern border that have no wall. In some places, there are steel slats, in some places only fencing. One resident says she’s seen immigrants coming across the border, but that the only violence she’s ever heard of has been from local residents.

One local theater, the Cine El Rey, even put up a marquee welcoming the president while alerting him to the fact that the city he’s visiting is one of the safest cities in America. It should also serve as a helpful reminder to all Trump supporters in the area that they’re standing in the middle of a war zone, but nothing is happening.

‘The Cine El Rey Group wanted to remind the public that McAllen is one of the safest cities in the United States…The Cine El Rey Group says they put up the signage to get a conversation started and to officially welcome the president to stop by the theatre.’

One Latino resident, an older man named Jose who has lived in McCallen his entire life, says he’s seen no crime at all.

“Not at all…it’s been a peaceful city.”

When asked by Acosta how he feels when the president says that roving bands of migrants are running across the border to rape, kill, and join gangs, Jose smiled and said that Trump is a “natural born liar.”

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