Trump Wakes Up In A Frenzy & Humiliates Himself With 4 Tweet Mental Breakdown


Always one to focus on the most important issues of the day, Trump tweeted a tantrum over Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accusing him of having thrown a tantrum during Wednesday’s meeting with congressional Democrats.

How could anyone possibly believe that Trump, the stable genius, throws tantrums? After all, he only throws tantrums on Twitter in full view of the American public every day.

Schumer, by the way, was not the only person present at this meeting. There were not only other Democratic representatives and aides, but there were also Trump’s people, as well. None of them have disputed Schumer’s account of the events other than Trump himself.

What Trump thought he was going to accomplish after weeks of being told that Democrats are not going to cave on approving five billion dollars in border wall funding by storming into a meeting to demand they do so and then abruptly ending the meeting when they once again assured him it wasn’t happening is anyone’s guess. Mr. Art of the Deal can’t seem to come to any kind of agreement, not by throwing tantrums, making threats, or making pointless demands.

At this point, Trump’s border wall promise is as dead in the water as his promise that Mexico was going to pay for it. How we went from that promise to Trump thinking he looks tough in demanding taxpayer dollars for his wall is a long and complicated story, but it seems to be ending rather simply. It’s just not happening.

Twitter was quick to react to Trump’s latest tantrum. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license