W.H. Insider Leaks Humiliating Private Details Of Trump Declining Mental State To NY Times


On Wednesday night, Donald Trump became outraged over a leaked story that he claims was held with reporters during an off-the-record luncheon. Not only is he twisting the story, he’s blaming the wrong news outlet.

It wasn’t NBC or MSNBC who first reported the story, nor was it reporters who leaked the conversation. In fact, they weren’t even involved in the conversation.

The New York Times reported that:

‘Privately, Mr. Trump dismissed his own new strategy as pointless. In an off-the-record lunch with television anchors hours before the address, he made clear in blunt terms that he was not inclined to give the speech or go to Texas, but was talked into it by advisers, according to two people briefed on the discussion who asked not to be identified sharing details.’

Apparently, a conversation between Trump and his advisors prior to the luncheon regarding his nationally televised speech. Trump apparently did not want to give the address, but his advisors convinced him to do so. Following the conversation, he said, “it’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it.”

One of the people present reported the story to the NYT, and then NBC and MSNBC reported it. Once again, Trump is throwing out blame for leaks that his own staff is responsible for. This wasn’t a case of a journalist reporting an off-the-record comment. It’s a story that one of his own people went and fed to the NYT.

 Twitter wasn’t supportive of Trump’s outrage. Read some of their comments below: