NY Times Devastates Trump/Giuliani With Evidence Dump Of Connection To 12 Foreigners


When you collude with people and have them help you steal an election, they often expect favors, such as lifting sanctions on Russia, in return. Apparently, however, they also expect front row seats at your presidential inauguration, too.

President Trump’s inauguration in 2017 was full of his most ardent supporters including one pro-Russia Ukrainian lawmaker, Serhiy Kivalov. According to the New York Times, Kivalov posted pictures of the event to his Facebook page and even posted pictures of his tickets. At this time, those posts are public.

Screenshot from Facebook.
Screenshot from Facebook.

On his Facebook, Kivalov wrote he was honored to attend the Liberty Ball. He also posted other pictures from the events of Trump’s inauguration.

Here’s the thing, though. Kivalov wasn’t just the only pro-Russia Ukrainian in the room. According to the New York Times, there were several more attending.

‘He was one of at least a dozen Ukrainian political and business figures who made their way to Washington for the inauguration, several of whom attended the Liberty Ball.’

Can we just stop at this point and all agree that this is at least somewhat suspicious?

Furthermore, the Times noted their attendance wasn’t just to watch the crumbling of democracy. They participated in meetings with other U.S. politicians, and yes, their intentions were to get sanctions on Russia lifted.

‘They attended meetings and orchestrated encounters at Trump International Hotel with influential Republican members of Congress and close allies of President Trump. Representing a range of views, including a contingent seen as sympathetic to Moscow …’

At the least, this is possible evidence of illegal foreign lobbying. Furthermore, it also supports the case that Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was colluding with pro-Russia Ukrainians in efforts to reach deals with the United States to lift sanctions on Russia.

Image via Facebook.

Earlier this week, Manafort’s lawyers made one heck of a boo-boo when they accidentally let information leak that Manafort had shared political polling data with his Russian colleague Konstantin V. Kilimnik.

After sharing the data with Kilimnik, he asked that he share it with two Ukrainian oligarchs. Now, here’s the real kicker. One of those oligarchs is alleged to have attended the Liberty Ball.

Image via Facebook.

Making things even more suspicious is the fact that the White House looked into ways of lifting the sanctions placed on Russia only days after the inauguration.

Former State Department coordinator for sanctions policy Daniel Fried commented:

‘I heard from various sources that there was a plan to summarily lift sanctions on Russia. I was approached by people who were nervous that the United States was about to do something irretrievably stupid.’

The United States did something irretrievably stupid when it put Donald J. Trump in the White House.

Image via Facebook.

Though an intricate web of deceit and treason, the details that keep coming out about Trump campaign officials’ relationships with pro-Russia Ukrainians and Russia can be viewed simply.

Look. Manafort shared polling data with a Russian colleague and asked him to share it with Ukrainian oligarchs. One of those oligarchs attended the inauguration, supposedly, along with several others. Within days, Trump’s administration asked about lifting sanctions on Russia.

In a court of law, more evidence may be required to prove the charges of collusion. However, anyone with common sense can clearly come to the conclusion there was collusion in some form or manner between the Trump campaign and Russia. Period.

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