Trump Continues Saturday Social Media Meltdown With 12th A.M. Tweet


Trump often paints himself into crazy corners with his tweets and public statements. His tweets on Saturday morning were no different as he offered blatant lies and numerous contradictions as each tweet was posted.

No one believes that Trump is more credible than The Washington Times unless they are simply using willful ignorance and haven’t been paying attention. Of course, that’s the reason for his “fake news” outbursts. They call out his many lies.

Democrats, by the way, are not “on vacation.” It’s the weekend. Congress is not in session. Further, if there is “no one in the W.H. but” Trump, doesn’t that mean that Republicans and Trump’s own administrative officials are also not working this weekend?

Trump’s stated plan for the shutdown so far has been to declare a national emergency over a manufactured crisis at the border that didn’t appear to be a national emergency for two years until Democrats won the House. Indeed, elections do have consequences. Trump winning an election doesn’t prove there a humanitarian crisis at the border. It simply proves there’s an ignorance crisis in the United States.

Trump’s stated willingness to sign a spending bill doesn’t seem to include any spending bill that doesn’t cave into his demands for an unnecessary five billion dollar border wall that’s already been proven multiple times to be an ineffective plan. No matter how many examples offered of why a wall would work (so far examples have been offered like “zoos” because brown people are animals and an imaginary ten-foot wall around President Obama’s house that neighbors say does not exist), experts say that it doesn’t, residents at the border say that it doesn’t, and anyone with a brain can see that it doesn’t.

Twitter wasn’t buying Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flicker by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license