Trump Turns Off Morning News & Erupts Into Jealous Explosion Of Insanity


The president of the United States is having a very weird morning, and his utter lack of shame and humility is telling of a total mental breakdown likely coming soon. The Donald has to be lonely, because he acts like he has no one to talk to but his Twitter audience. This leads many to believe that the White House is more like a ghost house in the mornings when Trump is allegedly ranting on social media from his golden commode.

He tweeted five times Saturday morning, and within two hours, he was at it again. Check out what he just said below:

This gem is a continuance of his earlier rant, but equally embarrassing and sad.

Trump is pretending that Democrats have abandoned the government and their jobs because he knows his dimwitted followers won’t bother to fact-check him.

These numbers are likely a complete fabrication, like everything else the president says, but we do know for a fact that border arrests are at record lows, following Obama’s trend of low immigrant crime rates.

According to NY Times:

“Illegal border crossings have been declining for nearly two decades. In 2017, border-crossing apprehensions were at their lowest point since 1971.”

Trump then tweeted this mess:

The NY Times report continues:

“Undetected illegal border crossings have dropped at an even faster rate, from 851,000 in 2006 to approximately 62,000 in 2016, according to estimates by the Department of Homeland Security.”

“However, there is one group of migrants that is on the rise: families. A record number of families have tried to cross the border in recent months, overwhelming officials at the border and creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis.”

The people responding to Trump’s tweets were equally amused and confused as to what the president is getting at. What’s the meaning of all this? Why is he on repeat when he’s already been told Democrats will not bend on the wall?


Check out the best reactions to his tweet-rant below: