Acting AG Matt Whitaker Exposed For Faking All-American Football Career


A lot can be learned about a person by the company they keep, and Donald Trump seems to keep company that is just as dishonest and corrupt as he is. Just like Trump, everyone he puts forward is dishonest and eventually exposed as corrupt.

Trump’s acting AG Matthew Whitaker appears to be no different. Not only has he refused to recuse himself from overseeing the Russia probe despite ethics recommendations that he do so considering his publicly expressed predisposition to believe the investigation to be unwarranted, he was exposed on Sunday to have offered wild lies on resumes and government documents about his football career.

Whitaker claimed to have been named an All-American during his time playing for the University of Iowa. This claim has been debunked.

The New York Post reports that:

‘The former Hawkeyes tight end from 1990 to 1992 made the claim in the bio on his former law firm’s website and on a resume he sent in 2014 to a patent-marketing firm for which he sat on the advisory board…also made the claim when he applied to be a judge in Iowa in 2010.’

Reporters from The Wall Street Journal dug into the claim and spoke with officials from the College Sports Information Directors of America, who award those titles each year. They confirmed that Whitaker had never been given that honor.

‘Whitaker’s name doesn’t appear among those who’ve been named Academic All-Americans on the website of the College Sports Information Directors of America, which bestows the annual honor.

‘Another Iowa player appears on the list for 1992, the year that Whitaker claimed he received the honor.’

The Department of Justice, of course, tried to defend his lie when contacted by reporters. They claimed that Whitaker had received a similar but much lesser award, which is what his resume and government documents referred to.

‘Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupac said Whitaker relied on a 1993 Hawkeyes media guide that listed him as a “GTE District VII academic All-American.” GTE was then the contest sponsor.’

False claims like these, so reminiscent of Trump who makes statements about how successful he’s been, are actually serious violations. There’s a reason, after all, that Trump insisted he not go through the regular confirmation process. For anyone else, lying on a resume to get a job would get one fired.

‘If Whitaker had gone through a confirmation process, it’s possible the matter would have been brought up during independent vetting from the Senate. In his previous position as Sessions’ chief of staff, he didn’t require Senate confirmation.’