Don Jr. Attacks Latino Caucus For Attending Puerto Rico Fundraiser To Rebuild


Donald Trump Jr. claimed that the Democrats were vacationing and living the high life in Puerto Rico rather than working on the problem his father created by shutting down the government for the longest time in our country’s history. Keep in mind that the president said only 64 people died in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria blasted through the island. The real number was closer to 3,000 deaths as a direct result of the hurricane and the president’s ineptitude. The president’s eldest son thought the Congressional Hispanic Cause should be back in D.C. working instead. After all, Don Jr. compared people of color, this time legal refugees behind a border wall to zoo animals in cages. What a horrid example of how he and his father view any people of color.

Don Jr. said that the press conspired to let the Democrats go “on vacation right now,” without covering it:

‘And of course no one says anything. I’m not even in government and I’d get killed in the press if I was on vacation right now. Why won’t they cover their democrat buddies lobbyist sponsored vacation in the islands???’

Never mind that this was a fundraiser to help out the island, given that Trump Sr. wanted to lift what funds there were to help the islanders to build his wall. The president’s eldest son was quoting The Drudge Report, which showed cast members of Hamilton. The conference meeting coincided with the very popular historical musical by award-winning actor and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda. The actor/playwright has returned to Puerto Rico where one of his parents immigrated from.

Drudge Report tweeted:


Cristobal Aex with the Latin Victory Fund commented on the fundraiser and Congress viewing the damage still done to the island:

‘We’re on the ground in #PuertoRico prepping for this major gathering. The island is still reeling for Trump’s failures. There are displaced in need. We need Congress to act. @latinovictoryus Latino Democrats to make show of new strength in Puerto Rico.’

More than 30 Democratic members of Congress — mostly members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, but other House members too — gathered in Puerto Rico this weekend. They have come for the annual Bold Pac winter retreat. This is the political and fundraising arm of the Hispanic Caucus, NBC News reported.

Members of the caucus have taken medical supplies for the Puerto Ricans, too.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.