JUST IN: Senate Intel Committee Makes Mueller Announcement On Sunday TV


A top member of the Senate Intelligence Committee appeared on the Sunday morning shows with a bombshell announcement. Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign and the two years of his presidency, he has said nothing but good things about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. That was always curious, because POTUS beat everyone else with his outsized blistering stick leaving them stunned with the verbal beatings. Now, the president of these United States is in trouble — big trouble.

CNN’s host of State of the Union Jake Tapper spoke to Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), who is the Democrats’ senior member of the committee. It appeared that this Senate committee was going to start interviewing “more witnesses than Special Counsel Robert Mueller,” and the committee had more to reveal. Warner sidestepped Tapper’s heavy question, when the host wanted to know whether Trump was a Russian asset — knowingly or not.

Warner responded about Trump parroting “Vladimir Putin policies:”

‘The defining question of our investigation and the Mueller investigation is: Was there collusion?” I’m not going to talk about what we may have been briefed in the gang of eight when these investigations opened. But I do think it’s curious that throughout that whole summer, when these investigations started, you had Vladimir Putin policies almost being parrotted (sic) by Donald Trump. You had Trump say only nice things about Putin — he never spoke ill about Russia.’

Tapper went deeper, trying to determine what the Intelligence Committee’s probe found. Once again, Warner deftly stepped around the question, but left the audience with a hint of “a very important story to tell:”

‘What I was saying was, subsequent to that briefing, there was of enough concern that the Senate Intelligence Committee, in a bipartisan fashion, and the House Intelligence Committee, in a slightly less bipartisan fashion, launched investigations. Our investigation is almost — it’s not quite two years in, but we have literally spoken to hundreds of witnesses. We may have spoken to even more witnesses than Mueller and we have a very important story to tell to the American public.’

Listen to the whole CNN interview with Senator Warren below:


Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.