Trump Goes Full-Racist In Sunday Night Obsession Over Elizabeth Warren


Now that word has gotten out that the FBI started investigating Donald Trump for being a traitor to this country, he’s been trying to distract all of us so we don’t pay attention to what the FBI has to say. He’s shut down the government and recently been throwing out one idiotic tweet after another to draw people’s attention away from himself. Well, tonight he went full-on racist in an attack tweet aimed at Elizabeth Warren.

Donald Trump truly has no shame. First of all, it appears that Trump is referring to the massacre of Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the “Little Bighorn” in Montana, but considering Trump isn’t very smart, he refers to it only as “Bighorn.” If Trump knew how to read, he probably would have been able to correct this obvious mistake. But when one is making racist comments, it would behoove one to know what they’re talking about.

Then there’s the obvious racist name that Trump has given to Warren. Everyone knows that by calling her Pocahontas, he’s not only trying to belittle Warren, but he’s making light of Native Americans too. But, considering that Warren has proved that she has Native American blood, Trump still feels that it’s okay to attack her for her heritage. That’s not that unusual for the Russian mole though because he’s spent the majority of his time in office attacking Americans.

And what’s up with the comment about Warren’s husband dressing in full “Indian garb?” Does he think all Native Americans spend their days walking around in traditional Native American garb? Maybe he does considering he spends all of his time walking around in a powdered wig just like our founding fathers did.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube