Trump Sits At Table In Texas & Speaks Nonsensical Gibberish On National TV


To say that President Donald Trump’s position is diametrically opposed to that held by Democrats and their allies would be an understatement. The partial federal government shutdown over his refusal to approve any funding without provisions for a border wall has entered its third full week, and the president spent time at the southern border in question this past Thursday as part of his push for a wall.

Like Cabinet meetings that have been on camera and scrutinized, Trump participated in a televised roundtable discussion about the “crisis” on the border that quickly revealed itself as organized to make the president’s ego feel better. Attendees were clearly mostly if not all in favor of using a thousands of miles long, thirty foot tall wall as an answer to all life’s problems, while back in D.C. Democrats were left hanging days after Trump stormed out of a meeting with their leaders over the government funding crisis.

One attendee exclaimed:

‘To those of you who say this is a manufactured crisis, it’s a manufactured cover-up by your opposition… We need the wall! We need the fencing!.. Anyone who says we don’t need a fence or a wall or a barrier or more law enforcement is deceiving the American people.’

Trump added:

‘They all know it’s an indefensible position. Even people that aren’t into it like we are, where we’re studying it and working and we want to end it and we can end it — Everybody knows that what we’re saying is right… If we don’t have a very substantial barrier of some kind, you’re never going to be able to solve this problem.’

Watch below.

Before the president added that last part, the same attendee cited above whined about the portion of Texas students who aren’t proficient in English, claiming it as a reason to put the wall up.

They want to spend billions of dollars to construct a wall in order to address domestic issues in the education, health care systems and beyond.

How does that make any sense to anyone whatsoever.

A Customs and Border Patrol agent earlier in the meeting cited the various crimes committed by individuals utilizing the border as supposed justification for a wall, and yet, no one on the right has pointed to evidence that putting up a giant eyesore will stop anything from the transnational drug trade — which often uses legal ports of entry as smuggling channels! — to crime in the United States.

White people commit crimes too, and yet you don’t see the paranoid Republicans calling for a wall around any given major American city when something happens there.

Down in reality, hundreds of thousands of Americans continue to suffer as the government shutdown drags on and their paychecks remain nothing but a fleeting fantasy.

Trump has, meanwhile, remained as committed to his position as ever, asserting he’s prepared to have the government remain shutdown for months or even years and that government workers would back him up if asked, despite there being no evidence of that.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the video