Mueller Announces Investigation Of Trump Party Attended By Devin Nunes


Donald Trump has had a lot of slimy people running interference for him in Washington ever since he took over the White House. But the slimiest person by far that’s been watching out for him is Devin Nunes (R-CA). He’s even gone so far as to secretly race to the White House to keep Trump updated on the House’s investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. Well today news dropped that Special Counselor Robert Mueller has began an investigation into an event at Trump’s D.C. hotel, and Devin Nunes’ name has come up in the investigation.

Mueller’s Office and federal prosecutors in Manhattan are scrutinizing a meeting involving former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and dozens of foreign officials. The event was a breakfast Trump hosted just two days before his inauguration. There were over 60 invited guests including diplomats from governments around the world.

Mueller is investigating the event trying to find out whether the Trump inaugural committee misspent funds and if donors tried to buy influence in the White House. He wants to know whether foreigners contributed money to the Trump inaugural fund and PAC by possibly using American intermediaries. According to two sources familiar with the Russia investigation, Mueller has already asked Michael Flynn about the party, but his answers haven’t been released publicly yet.

Nunes must be starting to feel some heat after he found out that his name has come up in the official Russia investigation. It’s not surprising that he would have attended a function at Trump’s behest. He’s done Trump’s bidding from the get-go, so it’s very possible that he could be in it up to his eyeballs along with Flynn, Cohen, and Manafort too. No one knows what Nunes thinks about coming under scrutiny too though, since he has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

Former federal prosecutor Paul Pellatier had this to say

‘If you’re a prosecutor all of the right players are there. In a lot of ways breakfasts like this are totally normal. It happens all the time in Washington. So, they wouldn’t be investigating it if they weren’t following the money. The big question would be who is paying for it? It’s got to be part of the broader scheme of who is trying to use money to influence the White House.’

Hussein Ibish, a senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, told the Daily Beast

‘The fact that the prosecutors are looking at this is part of the whole question of the Trump way of doing business—how it may have given all kinds of foreign powers inroads into the White House. These cases are important because they involve possible elements of corruption and could tell us more about the special physics of Trumpworld influence which looks more like what you get in a banana republic.’

One thing is certain…a lot people around Donald Trump have done a lot of illegal things. Robert Mueller has already indicted over 20 of them so far, and some of those have already pled guilty and some are already on their way to prison. Devin Nunes would be smart to start talking about what he knows now. If he’s committed any illegal acts for Trump, Robert Mueller will find out about them, and it would behoove Nunes to get out in front of things early on.

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