New Mueller Subpoena Ruins GOP’s Tuesday As Trump Tweets About Big Macs


As the world waits to see what the Mueller investigation will show in the end, small glimpses of where it stands today emerge. Anyone involved in the Trump 2016 presidential campaign should be worried, and so should anyone involved with Trump’s crooked band of criminals.

On Tuesday, news broke that Jerome Corsi, Trump’s “very credible” source for his birther movement,  fears his own stepson may be indicted in the Mueller probe. It appears he may be responsible for having “scrubbed” incriminating emails from Corsi’s computer involving contacts between his stepfather and Roger Stone as they allegedly coordinated the Wikileaks DNC hack.

According to The Washington Post:

‘As part of their investigation, Mueller’s prosecutors have sought information about emails from 2016 that Corsi deleted from his computer, including exchanges with Stone, according to draft court documents that Corsi released last year.

‘In Monday’s interview, Corsi said that Mueller’s investigators appeared focused on text messages he and Stettner exchanged in which Stettner said that a computer that had sat on Corsi’s desk had been “scrubbed,” an apparent reference to the deletion.’

Corsi was apoplectic about the idea of his stepson being questioned. “I think they think that Andrew was conspiring with me, as my computer expert, to destroy evidence. They’re looking for anything they can find.” Unfortunately for him, that’s how an investigation works. When a criminal involves his family in illegal acts, they’ll face legal questions, as well.

What the possibility of that subpoena indicates is that Corsi and Stone are still being investigated.

‘It is also a sign that Mueller continues to dig into communications involving Corsi and Stone, a Republican operative who has been friends with Trump for 30 years and informally advised his 2016 campaign.’

Corsi has made many TV appearances since he first became a subject of the investigation. His involvement in the alleged collusion with Russian government operatives included messages between himself and Stone in which Corsi clearly knew that the hacks were planned and encouraged their release.

‘In November 2018, Corsi announced that he had been interviewed extensively by the special counsel’s office about those conversations. Corsi said he had rejected a plea deal proposed by the special counsel’s office in which he would have agreed he lied to investigators about some of his contacts with Stone. Corsi published internal documents from Mueller’s office, including the draft of their proposed plea deal.’

The emails that Corsi’s stepson deleted for him included incriminating evidence that Corsi participated in the plot. While Corsi insists that he just made a lucky guess that the email dumps were coming, no one believed him. He told Mueller that he had discouraged Stone from contacting Assange, contacts that Stone has since denied, but the recovered emails between the two prove otherwise.

‘One email prosecutors alleged Corsi deleted was a July 25, 2016, note from Stone in which Stone asked Corsi to try to make contact with Assange and get copies of hacked emails in his possession. The draft document says that when investigators first asked Corsi about the email, he claimed that he told Stone that trying to reach Assange was a bad idea that should be avoided.

‘In fact, Corsi forwarded the email to a London-based associate and later wrote Stone an email about WikiLeaks’ plans. “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps,” Corsi wrote Stone on Aug. 2, 2016, according to the draft filing.’

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