Democrats Pass Bill To Reopen Government – Republicans Fail Again


There’s only one political party in this country fighting for the American people, and that would be the Democrats. Republicans are fine backing Donald Trump who has done nothing but hurt Americans since the day he took office…even going so far as to shut down our government. Today the Democrats in the House were joined by six Republicans to pass a disaster relief bill that would reopen and fund parts of the government until February 8th. Unfortunately Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is going to refuse to bring the bill up for a vote in the senate, thus our government will remain shuttered.

The Democratic-backed emergency disaster relief bill passed in the House 237-187. The bill which was introduced by House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) would provide $12.1 billion in disaster relief funding for areas impacted by Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael and the California wildfires, as well as other areas impacted by natural disasters last year.

The House Democrats are also planning to bring another bill to the floor on Thursday that would reopen the government. The Democrats are bringing these clean funding bills to the floor in an attempt to put pressure on Republican lawmakers to break with Trump’s demand for a wall. The more times Republicans refuse to pass these clean funding bills the more times it makes them look horrible to a hurting American populace. People will be able to clearly see that only the Democrats in congress are looking out for their best interest.

This is the 26th day of the Trump Shutdown and furloughed workers are really starting to hurt. They’ve now missed their first paycheck and neither Donald Trump nor the Republicans in congress care one bit. Donald Trump’s temper tantrum is causing very real damage to the American people, and the Republicans who support him are a major cause of that continuing damage.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube