Fake Social Media Accounts To Sway 2016 Election Uncovered & Announced (DETAILS)


While there is little to be happy about in terms of Donald Trump’s presidency, there are moments of such ridiculousness and absurdity that laughter is just unavoidable. Trump’s walk up the Air Force One steps with toilet paper stuck to his shoe, or Sarah Huckabee Sanders wish to be remembered for her “honesty and transparency” are just two examples. On Thursday, yet another was exposed.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news on Thursday that a man from RedFinch¬†Solutions, an IT company, is talking to reporters because Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, stiffed him on payments for manipulating online polls to show support for Trump. While that news was astonishing, an even funnier tidbit hid within the story.

Cohen, a married 52-year-old father and attorney, also asked the IT tech to convince a woman to set up and run a Twitter account called “Women for Cohen.” That account was paid to refer to the lawyer as a sex symbol and more. The bio for the account reads:

‘Women who love and support Michael Cohen. Strong, pit bull, sex symbol, no¬†nonsense, business oriented, and ready to make a difference!’

The account, which also refers to Cohen as their #MCM, or “man crush Monday,” is still active, although the last post was issued in December of 2016. Cohen offered them selfies to post and praise for one of his most laughable and perplexing moments during the campaigns, the infamous “says who” clip that left journalists wondering how on earth they would be able to interview Trump surrogates who simply refused to answer questions and then pretended to win an argument.

Cohen has since famously begun cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump, saying publicly that he gave loyalty to a man who didn’t deserve it, and now faces three years in prison for the crimes he’s pleaded guilty to. But as the country celebrates him for being a hero of the resistance, perhaps they should also step back and remember how very self-serving and utterly laughable Cohen has been while supporting Trump in the past.

While Cohen should absolutely continue to feel remorse for the crimes he’s committed against his country and the scourge he helped inflict when he assisted Trump in his presidential campaign, he should also be embarrassed at the self-absorption it takes to pay for a Twitter campaign (or fail to pay for it, as the case may be) to trick people into thinking anyone sees him as a “sex symbol.”

Featured image screenshot via YouTube