Democrats Announce $1 Billion Border Security Plan As Trump Rages


The struggle over the ongoing partial federal government shutdown is continuing this weekend. House Democrats are continuing their efforts to get the government reopened without agreeing to President Donald Trump’s demands for over $5 billion for a border wall, and to that end, they’ll reportedly be voting on a spending package that includes over $1 billion for border security this coming week. The sticking point is that none of that money will be allowed to go towards Trump’s long sought border wall, which from his campaign to his administration he’s made a core part of his platform no matter the facts of the situation.

The money will be about evenly split between efforts to hire more immigration judges to handle asylum cases and efforts to improve ports of entry in California and Arizona. The Associated Press called the latest proposal “the party‚Äôs first steps in detailing how it would bolster border security as it battles President Donald Trump over his demand for building Southwest border wall.”

Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have repeatedly pointed to facts like that the vast majority of illegal drugs that come into the United States over the southern border come smuggled through legal ports of entry. They’ve made clear that they’re all for border security measures that will actually address issues like that — including technology that can scan vehicles for secret stashes — but they refuse to get on board with a massive wall that won’t really address many of the actual immigration issues the United States faces.

Undocumented border crossings continue their overall downward historical trend, and the people who do make it over do not pose some kind of special threat to the United States. For instance, there’s no evidence terror groups have utilized the southern border for access to the U.S. — no matter what nonsense the president drums up about supposed Muslim prayer rugs found where undocumented border crossers had been. (They’re just pieces of material the migrants used to protect themselves making it over the border — not signs of some secret conspiracy for Middle Easterners to invade the U.S.)

The wall itself is a questionable concept, since it can just be tunneled under or gone around — including via… wait for it… airplanes. Immigrants who end up without documentation in the United States include those who don’t exactly sneak through some bushes but instead have their visa or whatever else expire. In those situations, do the affected individuals become part of the invading force Trump is so paranoid over?

The latest Democratic effort to get Trump to come down from his political high horse comes as he’s expected to present a new proposal to get the government reopened — via an on camera address from the White House, for some reason. He’s expected to offer to extend protections for “Dreamers” protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — or DACA — program targeting undocumented immigrants who came here as kids and for immigrants in the U.S. with “Temporary Protected Status” because of some calamity in their own country.

Still, he’s not expected to budge on his demand for over $5 billion for a border wall before he approves any further government funding.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot