Prominent Jesuit Priest Publicly Condemns Racist Catholic Prep School Teens


There’s no denying that Trump is a racist. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, either hasn’t been paying attention or is just completely delusional, but in the off chance that you’re still on the fence, we have proof.


We hope that clears everything up. It’s so disgusting, and his fans just seem to eat it up. It’s like Trump has given them a new lease on life, where they can finally come out into the open a spread their racist filth with zero consequences. This behavior by his base is getting worse every day.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of all of this is how it’s affecting young people. Impressionable kids who are still growing up and need good role models only have this guy and, most likely, their equally racist parents, and they are emulating that behavior. Now, of course, we don’t mean to say these kids shouldn’t be held accountable — of course they should — but we do wonder if these disturbing circumstances would be happening without this vile pig (Trump) sitting in the Oval Office.

Earlier today, footage went viral of teenagers from an all-male Catholic prep school who were harassing elderly Native American veteran, Nathan Phillips. The teens, all wearing their MAGA hats of course, screamed: “BUILD THAT WALL” and other racist filth at him.


Shaun King is right. “When your power is centered in your whiteness, mocking others who are unlike you makes you feel strong.” It’s definitely “weak and despicable” behavior, to say the least, but don’t worry, this behavior didn’t go unnoticed. A very powerful member of the boys’ own Catholic community saw the footage, too.

James Martin, SJ, a Jesuit priest and editor of one of the largest Jesuit magazines in the country, condemned the boys’ actions on Twitter, while praising Mr. Phillips for remaining calm and setting a good example to these kids by not taking the bait.

Like Father Martin said:

‘These actions are not Catholic, not Christian and not acceptable.’

We’ll be shocked if these boys aren’t thrown out of school for their vile behavior, and we truly hope that their parents will wake up and see what they are creating by allowing them to emulate our Racist-in-Chief.

The effects that Trump is having on this country will take years to overcome. I hope I’m alive to see a day when America really is GREAT again because it sure as hell isn’t right now.

Featured image via Twitter.