Racist MAGA Idiot Aims Car At Young Black Kids Walking Down Street


In Trump’s America, racist white people have a false sense of security in letting their hate flag fly. They feel safe enough, almost protected, to try to kill or harm black people, even black children. Recently a white man kicked a black toddler in the back at a Dillon’s store for apparently no reason, and now, another incident at a store has ended with a man being arrested for aggravated assault.

The whole thing started at a Dollar General store in Memphis. White supremacist Bradly Watkins got into an argument with a black family while inside the store, and decided to stalk the family as they left the establishment on foot. That is when Watkins allegedly drove at them at a high rate of speed, waving a handgun, and screaming “I’ll kill you, nigger!”

According to Fox 13 Memphis:

“A Memphis man was arrested after he yelled racial slurs, pointed a gun, and tried to run over children after an argument at Family Dollar. MPD responded to the aggravated assault in the 2700 block of N. Watkins Saturday afternoon.”

“The victim told police he and the suspect, Bradly Watkins, argued inside a Family Dollar earlier that day. During the argument, the suspect said racial remarks, according to MPD.”

The report continues:

“When the victims left Family Dollar and began to head home, they noticed a Ford Crown Victoria driving near them. The driver was identified as Bradly Watkins from Family Dollar. Officers said he continued to yell racial remarks towards the children. Police told FOX13 Watkins was holding a handgun while he was steering the vehicle and screaming at the victims.”

Watkins started driving toward the victims spinning/smoking his tires on the vehicle. That’s when the victims ran in different directions, according to MPD. After splitting up, Watkins continued to pursue the children. The victim told police they heard him say, “Ni****, I’ll kill you.”

Witnesses there that day remember seeing the white man drive towards the family at a high rate of speed, eventually forcing them off the road, and causing them to separate in order to survive.

“Another victim said Watkins pointed a gun at them. A witness on the scene saw Watkins chase the victims at a high rate of speed, running them off the road. Once police made contact with Watkins, he told police he was involved in an argument with two juveniles at Family Dollar, but he didn’t provide any additional information. He also refused consent for MPD to search his home and car. Watkins has been charged with two counts aggravated assault. He’s expected in court on Monday at 9 a.m.”

A video on Watkins’ YouTube page shows the illiterate hillbilly in his natural state: