Trump Flies Into Twitter Meltdown After Hundreds Of Refugees Breach Wall


Someone must have forgotten to give Donald Trump his medications on Saturday morning. Perhaps his home health nurse is furloughed during the government shutdown. In a single sentence, Trump insisted that the “caravan” of migrants who came to the border to make legal asylum claims just a few short months ago are still trapped in Mexico behind Trump’s border wall but it’s hard to keep them there without a wall.

Trump is desperate for the American people to believe two things: that he’s standing tough on getting money for the border wall and that a border wall is desperately needed. He often vacillates between trying to make people believe both of those things in one day, but to say them both in one sentence is truly getting into crazy town territory.

Mexico, unlike the U.S., has been kind enough at least to offer some shelter and basic necessities to these migrants as they flee their home countries. At this point, Mexico is doing a better job of being the shining city on the hill than the United States is. Trump wants Mexico to keep the migrants there, but also seems to be saying that they should be using force to keep them out. Once again, he’s contradicting one statement with another in one sentence.

Twitter was just as confused as anyone else would be reading this drivel from the current president of the United States. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license