White MAGA Boys Surround Native American Vet Screaming ‘Build The Wall’ (VIDEO)


Several different demonstrations are currently taking place in Washington, D.C., and Trump’s most rabid fanbase made a disgusting showing there. Brought to join the “March for Life” rallies, a large group of young men from a Kentucky Catholic high school interrupted a demonstration by a Native American Vietnam veteran who was there to honor his fallen Native American brothers who fought alongside him during the war.

One member of the group of demonstrators described the scene, saying that “50-70 young people wearing Trump’s hats, T-shirts, and other apparel,” who reportedly were “clearly looking for ANY opportunity to get violent…bumping into us and daring us to get physical…surrounded us, screaming, cajoling, and mocking the elder singer.”

‘The group consisted of mostly white men who sought to intimidate, mock, and scare us with a mob mentality in order to silence a demonstration that was mostly concluded. The group outnumbered us and enclosed our small group, chanting “build the wall.”‘

Why on earth would a group of young white men feel entitled to claim a country that originally was inhabited by the Native Americans they so disrespectfully mocked? Where would they learn such entitlement? Are they learning this in school?

That’s not a joke. That is the name of the school they attend, and it showed.

Not only were the young men in attendance on Saturday in Washington, but their own school superintendent was also there, as well. There is no word on where that adult was at the time that his charges were embarrassing themselves, their families, their school, and the country.

Twitter was understandably outraged by the videos of the demonstration and the utter disrespect of the boys in attendance. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube