U.S. Senate Announces Critical New Subpoena In Trump/Russia Investigation


Investigations into the alleged conspiracy to illegally hack DNC emails between Kremlin operatives and the 2016 Trump presidential campaign are digging in deeper with each passing day, and Trump’s panic has been on full display on Twitter. On Friday, yet another shoe dropped.

As part of the ongoing investigations, the Senate Intelligence Committee has now subpoenaed Jerome Corsi, according to his attorney. Neither the Committee Chairman, Richard Burr, nor his deputy chairman has confirmed this report.

MSN reports that:

‘The committee is seeking both an interview and documents from Corsi, an associate of longtime GOP operative and Trump ally Roger Stone, Corsi’s lawyer Larry Klayman said.’

Birther king Jerome Corsi, who turned out to be Trump’s “very credible source” on President Obama’s “fake” birth certificate will now answer for his role in the Wikileaks email dump. What is known about Corsi’s involvement in the alleged conspiracy is well-documented and has already been established as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

So far, texts and emails between Corsi and Roger Stone, a longtime friend of Trump’s and an informal Trump campaign advisor, proved that Corsi and Stone both knew that Wikileaks had obtained stolen DNC emails and planned to release them to the public. Neither reported this information to the authorities and, in fact, appeared to be instigating it and involved in getting it released. NBC reports that one email from Stone to Corsi read:

‘Get to (Assange) [a]t Ecuadorian Embassy in London and get the pending (WikiLeaks) emails.’

Corsi has denied that he had any insider information about the hacks ahead of time and says that another email he sent to Stone saying that the leaks were coming was just a guess. He also claims that he never contacted Assange after Stone asked him to. Mueller believes that claim to be a lie.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube