Cohen’s Attorney Just Responded To Senate’s Subpoena Declaration


Per AP, Michael Cohen’s attorney has just announced that he will comply and intends to go through with a subpoena sent by the Senate committee.

This after, just yesterday, Cohen postponed upcoming public testimony to a House committee, citing safety concerns for both he and his family, as a result from threats received by Donald Trump and his associates.

Per a text message sent to the AP from Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis:

‘we will comply and hope to agree upon reasonable terms, ground rules and a date.’

Trump replied yesterday to Cohen’s claims that he and his family were being threatened by him and/or his associates, stating that Cohen is “only threatened by the truth.”

Lanny Davis, Cohen’s attorney, had sharp words for Trump in a response. Words that also seemed to contain a warning:

‘If he wants to criticize Cohen, he can.

‘Obviously, picking on his family publicly is a way of silencing him or intimidating him. And certainly he has engendered great fear in his extended family, which is why we postponed it.’

Early today it was reported by CNBC that Lanny Davis is insisting that Donald Trump be censured by Congress for witness tampering and also that there be a criminal probe launched into Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani for threatening remarks. In a statement to CNBC, Davis said:

‘Today I am calling for an immediate House resolution against Trump for congressional witness tampering and obstruction due horrible multiple threats to Michael’s family, and an immediate criminal investigation and possible indictment of Giuliani for the same conduct, since he does not have likely presidential immunity.’

This morning, feeling cornered, Trump tweeted the following:

There will surely be more to come from this latest development.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.