New Polling Shows Trump Approval Numbers Tanking As Pelosi Popularity Grows


Donald Trump’s loss is Nancy Pelosi’s gain.

Per CBS, it was reported today that a poll the news agency ran from January 18-21 showed a 39 percent approval of the way that Pelosi is handling her job as speaker of the House. For comparison purposes: 36 percent said they approved of the way Trump is handling his job and 59 percent disapprove. The total number of survey respondents was 1,102 people.

Here is the document which shows all of CBS’s recent polling results:

While the number may seem low at first glance, keep in mind that she is now more favorable and popular than she has been anytime in the past decade. She was hugely desirable among Democrats even before the new year officially began, many hoping she’d be elected the new speaker of the House.

This high percentage approval is, no doubt, a direct result of her hard stance against Trump’s policies. Earlier this month, Pelosi vowed to rule as a system of checks and balances against the Trump administration, which Democrats are all for. In part, she said:

‘I pledge that this Congress will be transparent, bipartisan and unifying; that we will seek to reach across the aisle in this Chamber and across the divisions across our nation.’

Through her short tenure so far as House speaker in 2019, Pelosi has not let Democrats down.

Back in January, Gallup (which leans conservative in their polling and typically marks Trump with a higher overall favorability, among other large-scale national polls) reported that Pelosi’s favorability rating in December 2018 was 38 percent, giving her a higher rating than the polling groups historical average for her of 33 percent. Per Gallup, her highest ever rating was back in January 2007, at 44 percent.

In another poll conducted by CBS News, 47 percent approve of Pelosi’s handling of the government shutdown impasse, while only 35 percent approve of Trump’s handling. Washington Post shows even lower numbers for Trump.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.