Pelosi Responds To Trump Negotiation For Border Wall Down Payment


Trump has spoken in regards to the two latest-proposed bills failing on the Senate floor and is trying his hand at a new “proposal”: Give me a “big downpayment” for my border wall. Shortly thereafter, House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi chimed in.

In a short conversation with MSNBC’s Kassie Hunt, Pelosi told her what she thinks of the down payment option: It’s a non-starter and Pelosi doesn’t feel that the idea of a downpayment “would be a reasonable arrangement” at this time.

According to Trump, he and Nancy Pelosi have not spoken directly today. This comes as the House has passed an astounding total of 10 bills; all of which Trump could have chosen to go with, but refused. Behind Trump, these past few weeks (of the longest government shutdown in United States history) is Mitch McConnell, who will not bring any bills to the Senate floor.

Something that Trump will never admit to is the revelation that Republicans on Capitol Hill are growing tired of the pushback the government shutdown has created. The proof is in the votes: Six Republicans voted in favor of today’s Democratic bill. Their bill, in short, was for reopening the government without funding for Trump’s border wall.

It’s been quite a week for Trump; the Bully-in-Chief is learning that there’s a new boss lady on the block who will not budge for his wall, no matter how he frames his request. Just yesterday, Pelosi and Trump sent letters back and forth to one another regarding his State of the Union address, which he has now agreed to postpone until the government reopens.

Some saw the move by Pelosi as retaliation against Trump’s petty move last week to cancel her trip overseas.

In Trump’s letter, made public, he made mention of where Pelosi planned to travel to, which caused outrage amongst many as unprofessional for the President of the United States and recklessly dangerous. Pelosi also made a comment from Capitol Hill. You can view her comments in the video below.

Last summer, Pelosi did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine over a nice dinner. Here is a quote by her on the power of the gavel and what that will mean for Trump:

‘He’ll know that we have the leverage. The gavel. [Picks up a knife, bangs its base on the table.] The gavel makes all the difference in the world … I didn’t mean to pick up the knife. [Laughter.] The awesome power. The speaker has awesome power.’

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.