Ann Coulter Disowns Trump On Twitter After He Caves To Pelosi


When Donald Trump finally realized that the border wall isn’t happening and starving 800,000 federal workers by withholding their pay is probably not the smartest idea politically, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone except Ann Coulter, that is.

In case anyone has forgotten the events of the past few weeks, President George H.W. Bush passed away on November 30. It’s unlikely he ever cared what Ann Coulter thought of him.

Trump, however, does care. After he backtracked on his original plan to shut down the government and hold federal workers hostage until he got funding for his wall, saying that he had “other options” he could use, Coulter and other right-wing extremists like Rush Limbaugh had public tantrums saying that he was finished politically if he didn’t build the wall immediately.

He followed their advice and he’s now finished politically with every worker and every one of their family members who voted for him in 2016. That’s a whole lot of voters to lose.

As if it wasn’t frightening enough to think that Coulter and Limbaugh actually have the power to dictate policy, Trump’s reversal is likely to inspire the two of them to continue goading the president until his thin-skinned ego finally breaks and he tries something even crazier, like declaring a national emergency. Trump said on Friday that he decided not to use that option. Enough bullying from the right-wing nut jobs and that’s sure to be the next step.

Twitter was unsurprisingly not at all sympathetic to Coulter’s plight. Read some of their comments below:

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