CNN Responds To Trump’s Morning Twitter Attack Like A Boss (IMAGE)


Trump supporters are known for their air-headed responses and reactions to news regarding their president, and it is not uncommon for Trump to then seize on the commentary and use them as talking points.

This morning, as news broke about the Roger Stone indictment, Trump took to Twitter to fan the flames of conspiracy, tweeting the following:

The first part is business as usual; WITCH HUNT! It is the last sentence that is the real star of the tweet: “Who alerted CNN to be there?”

Here is CNN footage from the moment the news broke that Roger Stone was being arrested by the FBI:

Long before Trump chimed in, MAGA Twitter was up in arms asking, well, the exact same thing. Trump likely saw his bases’ opposition to CNN’s reporting as gold and then decided to spread the ridiculous question directly to his followers.

Shortly after Trump made the tweet, CNN wasted no time with their response:

‘CNN’s ability to capture the arrest of Roger Stone was the result of determined reporting and interpreting clues revealed in the course of events. That’s called journalism.’

Furthermore, the indictment and events of this morning have been public knowledge for the past week, but particularly since yesterday when numerous reporters in Washington, D.C. said that there were sightings of prosecutors.

Per CNN:

‘At the DC federal courthouse Thursday, Robinson spotted at least two prosecutors, Andrew Goldstein and Aaron Zelinsky, visiting with the grand jury. They stayed convened for more than an hour after Corsi’s stepson Andrew Stettner testified to the grand jury.

‘elinsky earlier in the day had been spotted by CNN’s Em Steck and Sam Fossum wheeling a suitcase with him to work, then leaving with it just after 2:30 p.m. The contents inside were unknown, though it suggested the possibility he could be getting ready to travel.’

The special counsel’s office would later confirm Friday that Zelinsky was in the Florida courtroom for Stone’s appearance. Continued from CNN:

‘With all those clues, it was decided to send Shortell from Washington to Florida to stake out Stone’s house Friday morning, just in case the clues did add up to something.’

Here is the CNN video of the raid that is being questioned by Trump and his supporters:

All signs the past few weeks have led to this. Even Stone himself has feared the events of this morning, just check out his Instagram account, where Mueller is often referenced.

Even this morning someone took time to post on the account. Check it out:

CNN continued, in their message about how journalism works:

‘Stone’s possible indictment has been looming for months now, as Mueller has interviewed many of his associates and others connected to the longtime Trump confidante, whose political career dates back to President Richard Nixon.’

Trump can tweet all he wants to, an indictment is just that; an indictment. Nothing can change the narrative of this morning’s news.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.