Jim Acosta Mocks Trump At W.H. After He Caved To Democrats (VIDEO)


The president gave a very lackluster performance in the White House Rose Garden Friday when he caved to Democratic demands to reopen the government without any border wall funding or even a promise to pay.

That didn’t stop the president from acting like this was a win for his administration, and essentially making a complete ass of himself in the process. The president continued to spread the same lies about the supposed national emergency taking place at the Mexican border, once again referring to immigrants as animals, saying that they are both sick AND murderous, and that Americans are not safe.

Check him our below:

CNN’s Jim Acosta gave live feedback of events at the White House, and what he saw was a continuation of Trump’s same old tired routine. Here’s some of what Acosta had to say:

“It was a big cave. I think this is one of the biggest tactical defeats for the president that we’ve seen in his political life.”

“He created this box canyon for himself and Nancy Pelosi let him walk right into it. Now he’s trying desperately to see his way out of it.”

Acosta joked:

“He just can’t give up on this wall. He just can’t quit this wall.”

Check out the somewhat harsh video response below:

People responding to Trump’s tweet above were mortified at the president’s idiocy. Check out the best reactions below: