Pelosi Holds Press Conference In Response To Trump’s Historic Back-Down


Friday morning saw the president cave to Democrats after more than a month-long game of chicken he played with the federal government. Trump’s fight for the wall got him nowhere, however, as Democrats refused to play a part in the president’s game and stood firm in their stance that a wall would be useless.

Soon after Trump’s WH Rose Garden speech meant to distract the nation from Roger Stone’s FBI raid and arrest at 3am Friday, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer held a press conference in which they explained the truth of the matter.

Nancy holds firm that Democrats will continue to fight against Trump’s ridiculous demands for a wall that experts have agreed will be no more effective than the current border barrier.

Migrants were just recorded using a ladder to jump over the current wall, something the president has been completely silent about. Instead, this morning, Trump swore to the country that a new smart wall would be impenetrable 100 percent of the time, and he said it with a straight face.

Like a sociopath.

Many believe this border wall deal only came because the president desperately needed to clean up the PR mess the FBI created for him in the early hours of January 25th, when they raided and arrested a member of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Trump knows how the media works, and he knows exactly how to use it to steer the narrative in the country. Check out what the president tweeted hours after the Roger Stone raid:

Doth protest too much, sir.