Trump Flubs Lyrics To ‘God Bless America’ & Gets Annihilated In Seconds


Trump is selfish, and has no idea the value of a dollar. He hasn’t worked his entire life. He sits back, barks orders, and collects the checks until he runs his finances into the ground so badly that he has to file bankruptcy every few years. He is now treating the American government like his personal bank account.

His border wall fight with Democrats has been a hard one as the president has been calling their bluff repeatedly, even blaming them for the shutdown that he took full credit for before the decision had been made.

In a WH Rose Garden speech Friday afternoon, Trump deflected attention from Roger Stone’s FBI raid and subsequent arrest to the supposed national security threat taking place at the Mexican border.

During that speech, however, Trump made a total fool of himself when quoting “God Bless America,” and it is the funniest thing ever to realize the president doesn’t even know the words to one of the most patriotic songs in American history.

Check him out below:

This is what people on Twitter had to say about the misstep: