Trump’s Shutdown Now Has Flights Grounded At Major Airports


As a businessman, Donald Trump was notorious for hiring workers and then failing to pay them. As president, he’s finding out that people don’t show up for work when they know ahead of time that they won’t be paid.

Trump was warned repeatedly that the longest-running government shutdown in U.S. history, now at 35 days, would lead to disaster.

One of those disastrous effects was revealed on Friday when LaGuardia and other airports began grounding flights because air-traffic control workers stopped showing up to work knowing they won’t be paid. As it turns out, it’s hard for adults to show up for work when they have no money to pay babysitters and daycares or to buy gas to get to their jobs.

Bloomberg reports:

‘A lack of workers at an air-traffic control facility in the Washington area prompted the FAA to order a ground stop at LaGuardia, one of the nation’s busiest transportation hubs. Flights at other East Coast airports such as Washington’s Reagan National, Newark Liberty International and Philadelphia International were also delayed Friday.’

Grounded flights do more than keep Americans from being able to travel for fun. The inability to travel will affect businesses as well as put a strain on national security.

‘The flight disruptions underscored the rising impact of the government shutdown as the closing dragged into the 35th day. Top bosses of U.S. airlines warned of the risk to the aviation system Thursday, with JetBlue Airways Corp. Chief Executive Officer Robin Hayes saying the situation was reaching a “tipping point.”’

Trump’s endless defense of the constant flood of news that comes out against him is that he can’t be indicted because he’s doing such a great job, especially on the economy. While the shutdown was already affecting the economy since 420,000 federal employees are no longer spending money, even more effects were imminent.

George Ferguson, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Aviation Analyst, said that:

‘The FAA halt of flights into LaGuardia confirms rising risks for U.S. airlines’ 1Q results. Flight and security delays will reduce demand for air travel, and that’s going to require discounts to attract passengers. Profit and margin pain will follow.’

Grounded flights, half a million unpaid workers, and FBI raids of Trump campaign associates all on the same day…this is making America great again?

According to NBC:

‘The stop was ordered shortly before 10 a.m., on the 35th day of the longest federal government shutdown in U.S. history. Some arriving flights are also being delayed; the FAA reports an average of 41 minute delays for LaGuardia-bound flights out of Newark International and Philadelphia International airports.’

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license