Trump Meeting With Far-Right Activists During Shutdown Takes Media By Storm


During the shutdown last week, New York Times has just reported, Trump spent a good amount of time meeting with various right-wing activists including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas. She was there to grill him in the form of questioning as to why supporters of his were being reportedly blocked from administration positions. Yes, really.

Per NYT:

‘Trump listened “quietly” while Thomas and a group of ultra-conservative activists criticized transgender people, women in the military and Republican leadership last week, according to the paper.’

In all, Trump reportedly spent an hour in the Roosevelt Room with the far-right group leaders and said “little but appeared to be taken aback,” according to the report.

Also, the meeting consisted of beginning with prayer, followed with stopping at various times to pray again.

Ginni Thomas is not new to controversy or aligning herself with extreme and polarizing figures; Donald Trump fits the bill to a T.

Like Trump, Ginni Thomas uses her social media following to spread divisive and controversial messages that sow the divide between Democrats and Republicans even deeper, and also sprinkles her timelines with racist memes, because you know, Republican and white.

Check out this racist banger from just two days ago:

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I mean, seriously? She is clearly just an awful person.

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So, if anyone was wondering what Trump was up to while your pay was being withheld, or when you were asked to stay home so you spent your time Googling local food banks, now we have some insight.

No, he wasn’t sitting around, waiting for Democrats like he repeatedly lied about, over and over again.

In addition to Thomas, Rosemary Jenks (from NumbersUSA, anti-immigration), Frank Gaffney (founder for the Center for Security Policy, anti-Muslim and conspiracy theorists) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) also were present for the meetings.

At one point during the meeting, NYT reports that women serving in the military was questioned. At another point, Trump brought in his plaything daughter, Ivanka Trump, and proclaimed that she’d be “much more popular if she was serving under a Democratic president.” Other than that, the report states that Trump remained mostly quiet during the meeting. This could be because many have challenged Trump’s supposed Christian faith as false.

Many people close to the president are questioning why the meeting took place, what purpose it ultimately served and why Thomas was given this exclusive access to the president when she is the wife of a sitting Supreme Court justice. Some have even gone as far as to say it was inappropriate.

In a statement from Gabe Roth of nonpartisan Supreme Court watchdog Fox the Court, he said:

‘Husbands & wives often have differing political views, but given the frequent counsel Justice Thomas has acknowledged he receives from his wife & the increased regularity with which Ginni has staked out positions on issues before SCOTUS we’ve reached a tipping point & Justice Thomas should seriously consider recusal in order to safeguard the integrity of the judiciary.’

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.