Trump Chief Of Staff Goes On Sunday TV & Suffers Widespread Humiliation In Front Of Millions


On Sunday, it became obvious why Trump chose acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to replace John Kelly. Mulvaney seems more than willing to go on television and repeat Trump’s lies and give the latest White House spin on Trump’s disasters no matter how utterly ridiculous they are.

On Fox News Sunday, Mulvaney appeared to discuss Trump’s capitulation on his demands for border wall funding. Asked if Trump had “caved,” Mulvaney spun the story into a win for Trump.

‘No, I think what you’ve seen here is the president seeing an opportunity. Why he did what he did was because many Democrats had come to us, some of them privately, many of them spoke out publicly, that they are actually starting to agree with him on the necessity for a barrier on the southern border, and they had come to us and said Look, we agree with you, you’re winning the battle on the importance of a barrier on the southern border, but we simply cannot work with you while the government is…closed.’

While Mulvaney was appearing on the television cable news show, Trump was busy offering more false stories on Twitter about why the border wall is so very necessary. He went with a GOP classic: the undocumented immigrants are coming here to risk arrest voting illegally for Democrats.

The Texas Tribune was quick to dispel this myth, saying:

‘It’s possible that individuals flagged by the state — who provided DPS with documentation that indicated they were authorized to be in the country — could have become naturalized citizens since they obtained their driver’s license or ID card.’

In case anyone thought that the government shutdown crisis was over, Mulvaney is shutting those hopes down, as well. Trump’s approval ratings have already taken a massive hit, and it seems as if he’s willing to take even more while further hurting federal workers. The Associated Press reports that Mulvaney is saying:

‘Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney says President Donald Trump is prepared for another government shutdown if Congress won’t work with him to secure the southern border…Mulvaney says Trump doesn’t want to see federal agencies closed again and doesn’t want to declare a national emergency either. But he says Trump is prepared to do either.’

Who are these mystery Democrats who are secretly meeting with Trump to tell him they agree with him and will vote for his border wall funding now that the government has been reopened? Mulvaney named Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC). However, neither of them have supported funding for a physical barrier across the southern border. Durbin has said he only supports the funding Trump has already been offered with no new funding added and Clyburn has stated that he will only support a smart wall, which is technology without a physical barrier.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube