Trump Jr Goes Silent After Adam Schiff Makes Major Russia Investigation Announcement


Now that the federal government is reopen for now, the Russia scandal is back to the front of the conversation for many concerned about the direction of the Trump administration. This weekend on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, new House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) revealed that he’d be having transcripts of past testimony before his committee delivered to Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller’s office for investigation into possible perjury. That perjury investigation could rope in none other than Donald Trump Jr., who’s already been suspected of lying to the Intel Committee.

Schiff explained:

‘I’d like the special counsel to have access to Don Jr.’s testimony and determine whether it is evidence of false statements. I greatly appreciate the seriousness with which the special counsel takes lying to Congress… one of the first acts, if not the first act of our committee will be to send all of these transcripts of all the witnesses to Bob Mueller so that he can consider whether additional perjury charges are warranted.’

Watch below.

This past week, the special counsel slapped past Trump adviser Roger Stone with seven felony criminal charges, including lying to Congress since he misrepresented his communications surrounding Wikileaks to the House Intel Committee when it was under Republican leadership and carrying out its since paused Russia investigation. The special counsel’s office obviously took his wrongdoing very seriously — early in the morning, a well armed FBI team descended on Stone’s Florida residence and took him into custody. He called the operation a use of “Gestapo tactics,” but they had apparent credible fear that he could destroy evidence or attempt to flee.

Before Stone, Mueller nabbed former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for also lying to Congress. Cohen had lied about the scope of efforts to construct a Trump Tower Moscow in an apparent effort to conceal President Donald Trump’s own involvement in the project, which his team has since acknowledged. Although Mueller wasn’t the only prosecutor on the case after Cohen pleaded guilty to separate federal crimes, authorities obviously took his crimes seriously as well since he was sentenced to three years in prison.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. has been reported to have been concerned about facing perjury charges. He’s suspected to have lied about an infamous meeting he participated in at Trump Tower in 2016 with Kremlin lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who he’d been promised would bring dirt from the Russian government on Hillary Clinton.

One of the main questions surrounding that case has been whether Trump Sr. knew about it, and Trump Jr. has provided few if any credible answers on that front. Schiff has previously indicated he’d be interested in subpoenaing Trump Jr.’s phone records to find out what blocked number he called while planning the Trump Tower meeting — and whether it was his father.

Ultimately, the Trump team’s longstanding claims of “No collusion!” have fallen apart — and they even seem to realize it. Recently, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani made the outrageous claim that they’d never even claimed nobody in the campaign colluded with Russia.

Featured Image via screenshot from the video