Jim Acosta Makes Sarah Sanders Wish She Were Dead (VIDEO)


Sarah Sanders is not exactly what one would call America’s sweetheart, in fact, she has become one of the most despised faces on the internet. So much so, that the president actually told her she didn’t have to do her daily press briefings (her only job) because of the bias against her.

Jim Acosta, on the other hand, has quickly become one of the most beloved smartasses in the Trump era. His stern, unrelenting expression mixed with his quick wit and dry humor has made him a household name in America.

Acosta does not have many fans in the White House, least of all Sarah Sanders, who took the brunt of Acosta’s built up frustration after 41 consecutive days without a “daily” press briefing.

Acosta began by asking Sanders about the Roger Stone indictment:

“Roger Stone last week, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn. Are you concerned, is the president concerned that as more and more of his former aides, associates are brought in to this investigation, are indicted, plead guilty, that this presidency is in danger?”

Sanders rebutted:

“Not at all. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The more this goes on, the more we see none of these things have anything to do with the president.”

“In Roger Stone’s cases, the charges of that indictment have nothing to do with the president and have to do with his communications with Congress. So in fact, I think the further we get into the process, the more and more we see that this has nothing to do with president Trump.”

Acosta fired back:

“Can you assure the American people that during these conversations that Roger Stone had with WikiLeaks and individuals assigned to the dumping of that material that at no time the president had any interactions with Roger Stone?”

Sanders responded:

“What I can tell you, the president did nothing wrong throughout the process. The charges of the indictment against Mr. Stone have absolutely nothing to do with the president.”

Check out the interaction below: