Corsi Throws Roger Stone Under The Bus During MSNBC Appearance


One of the most entertaining parts of watching Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation move forward is watching Donald Trump’s friends begin eating their own in an effort to protect themselves. Infamous birther king Jerome Corsi, the “very credible source” Trump once said had confirmed to him that President Obama’s birth certificate was fake, is wrapped up in the indictment of Roger Stone, and he’s now giving interviews saying that the indictment against Stone is entirely accurate.

During an appearance with Ari Melber on MSNBC, Corsi not only confirmed the accuracy of the indictment, he added in a damning story about Stone’s calls for coordination with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange as he prepared to release stolen information in order to help Trump win.

‘I had one call from Roger, as I recall it —- Roger disputes this —- on the day that WikiLeaks did begin in October dropping the final emails on John Podesta in which Roger was essentially saying, “We’ve got this timing issue because the Billy Bush tape is going to be released, and we’d like to have Assange begin releasing emails now.”‘

Corsi continues to say that he had no power to contact Assange or request that he release anything, but it appears that Roger Stone believed he did. Corsi confirmed those statements once again during an interview with Think Progress.

‘In a phone interview, Corsi told ThinkProgress on Tuesday, “I think it’s now pretty clear from Roger Stone’s indictment that I am witness No. 1 — in addition to being Person 1, I’m also witness No. 1… Everything I see in that [Stone] indictment is true and in agreement with what I recall, is consistent with what I’ve testified.”’

At this point, Corsi seems more willing to speak out against Trump’s indicted co-conspirators, and there’s a good reason for that. Corsi told Melber that he didn’t believe he would be indicted and appears to be cooperating with the investigation at this point.

‘If I’m going to be used as a witness or even if my emails are going to be used as a witness, I don’t think it will serve Mueller’s purpose to indict me and undermine my credibility.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube