Trump-Loving White Trash Harasses Waitress With Nasty Hate-Note (IMAGE)


Mr. Trump’s outwardly hateful rhetoric toward immigrants and insistence on a border wall, has created a dangerous climate in America, which his supporters continue to fuel on a daily basis.

On Saturday, Santiago Orosco who owns “Under The Moon Cafe” in New Jersey, posted about an incident which happened that evening when a couple declined to tip their sever, and instead wrote a note on their bill, saying:

‘Don’t tip immigrants!!!’

Orosco said:

‘I am a very proud immigrant. I came to this wonderful country for a better future, which, with a lot of sacrifice, heartache, pain and sweat I have accomplished. My family has tirelessly worked to create a great life and I owe it to this country and all its opportunity (America has always been great!!!). Immigration and cultural blending are what created this special country; I truly believe that immigrants are key contributors to our society. Also, I am gay, at Under the Moon we accept all people but not ignorance and discrimination. PLEASE DO NOT COME BACK!!!’

Orosco explained that he has owned the cafe for the last 13 years, and feels that the community has embraced he and his family as their own since April of 1991.

The cafe owner told the customers in his Facebook post:

‘Your server, who helped create an excellent experience for you, who you discriminated against with written ignorance and no tip, is not an immigrant, she is of Spanish descent, born in America and is multi-lingual.

Many people commented on Orosco’s post and were supportive, but not all believed that the incident truly happened.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube