Robert Mueller Makes Wednesday Trump/Russia Evidence Announcement


Unlike Donald Trump’s presidential administration, the Mueller team does not leak and avoids drama entirely, despite Trump’s constant Twitter attacks to discredit the investigation against him.

Despite those efforts by the Mueller team, evidence from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in order to benefit candidate Trump mysteriously appeared in a tweet in October 2018. Now, Mueller is filing charges.

CNBC reports:

‘Special counsel Robert Mueller claimed Wednesday that evidence in one of his criminal cases related to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign was recently used in an online disinformation campaign, apparently to discredit Mueller’s investigations.

‘Mueller made that allegation in a court filing in his criminal case pending against Concord Management and Consulting, a Russian company owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the oligarch who is known as “Putin’s chef.”

The Twitter account has since been removed from the social media platform and an investigation into the public release has been conducted. Unsurprisingly, the Twitter account led to a server in Russia. Fortunately, the materials published were not taken through a cyberattack, but used non-sensitive information Mueller provided to the attorneys of Concord Management, one of the Russian-owned firms named in the investigation.

‘The special counsel’s office said that the online account used to publish the discovery materials was registered by a user with an internet address that resides in Russia. The FBI has found no evidence that U.S. Government servers, including ines used by Mueller’s office, had been hacked.’

Concord Management is accused of helping to fund the social media campaign employed by Russia to help Trump win the election and to demonize Hillary Clinton. Just like the Wikileaks dump of the DNC and Podesta emails in 2016, information was altered in order to discredit Mueller’s investigation. According to Mueller’s filing:

‘”the subsequent investigation has revealed that certain non-sensitive discovery materials in the defense’s possession appear to have been altered and disseminated as part of a disinformation campaign aimed (apparently) at discrediting ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the U.S. political system.'”

Following the long-established rules of a disinformation campaign, a common tactic used in Russia to affect public sentiment during elections and other important events, the documents released were not only altered, but were suggested to be something they were not.

‘The fact that the webpage contained numerous irrelevant files suggest that the person who created the webpage used their knowledge of the non-sensitive discovery to make it appear as though the irrelevant files contained on the webpage were the sum total evidence of ‘IRA and Russian collusion’ gathered by law enforcement in this matter in an apparent effort to discredit the investigation.’

At this time, servers belonging to the U.S. government and Mueller’s team specifically were not found to have been hacked.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube