Pelosi Tweets Hilarious Jab At Trump Like She’s Taking Over The World


Nancy Pelosi is a force that the president isn’t absorbing all that well. He hates the power that she has, and even more so, he hates the popularity she’s gained. Only in Trump’s dreams can he get quality followers like Pelosi. He’s stuck with the people he hates more than anything: poor, uneducated hillbillies.

Pelosi and Trump have spent the morning going back and forth. Trump started it all with a 13-tweet rant accusing Pelosi and Democrats of wanting Americans to be murdered and strung out on drugs. Pelosi then held a press conference making fun of the president’s short attention span and inability to read intelligence reports with any sort of understanding.

Trump then ranted about Pelosi during a press event in the Oval Office, saying that Pelosi was just “playing games.”

Now, Pelosi is on Twitter to make the president, and his men, look even dumber. Check out this Twitter response to Mitch McConnell:

The low key jabs at Trump got the tweet some major traction on Twitter, and people responding to it were mostly on Pelosi’s side. Check out those reactions below: