Trump Says Intel Officials Didn’t Say What He Said They Said (TWEET)


There really is a contradictory Trump tweet for every occasion. Donald Trump has a habit of making declarations on Twitter only to find that he tweeted the exact opposite statement sometime in the past. Either he forgets what he’s tweeted, or he just hopes his supporters have.

This time, however, Trump has forgotten what he tweeted just yesterday. On Wednesday, Trump said that statements made by his intelligence officials were wrong on Syria, Iran, and North Korea. On Thursday, he said that they all agreed with him on foreign policies in those countries.

The testimonies of the intelligence officials who met with Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday were live-streamed as they happened. If Trump believes that the reported testimonies are false because the “fake news media” misrepresented it, then he apparently only got briefed on the testimonies through media stories. He certainly didn’t watch or read them.

Of course, Trump knows what was actually said. On Wednesday, each intelligence official gave live testimony rebuking Trump’s ridiculous claims: they said that North Korea is still a significant threat with no intentions of denuclearizing, that pulling out of Syria was a dangerous move, and that Iran never violated the deal that they signed during the Obama administration. Each one directly contradicted everything Trump has said.

On Wednesday, Trump decided to insist that they were all wrong because their rebukes made him look bad. By Thursday, he realized that rebuking them made him look even worse. So once again, on social media, Trump is trying to gaslight the country. Unfortunately for him, everyone else actually watched the live hearings.

Twitter was there to tell Trump exactly what they watched, too. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license