Trump Sits For Interview With ‘Daily Caller’ & Instantly Humiliates Himself


President Donald Trump has never been open to the idea of the Russia investigation proceeding, and he’s not about to start now. In a new interview with conservative publication The Daily Caller, Trump expressed dismay at the recent FBI raid at his former adviser Roger Stone’s residence when they took him into custody on charges including witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

He offered:

‘I’ve stayed out of that whole situation because there was no collusion whatsoever… I could have ended it very early if I wanted to, but I just let it run its course… But I’m speaking for a lot of people that were very disappointed to see it go down that way. To see it happen where it was on camera, on top of it — that was a very, very disappointing scene.’

And again we have the president of the United States openly flirting with using his position to enact his will whether the people — and the law — want it or not.

Note how he doesn’t pivot into any sort of mention of how “disappointing” Roger Stone’s actual crimes were. He sought to subvert American democratic processes by utilizing Wikileaks, which during the lead-up to the 2016 elections essentially functioned as an arm of the Kremlin and distributed emails they stole from the Democrats. In July 2016, he sought to get emails supposedly covering the Clinton Foundation before they were released, and tipped off the Trump campaign. After some stolen emails actually appeared, an unnamed senior individual on the team directed an underling to get in touch with Stone about possible future releases. Stone eventually consulted with individuals as high-ranking as former Trump campaign chairman Steve Bannon.

Stone also engaged in extensive efforts to get past associate Randy Credico to back up a false narrative he’d woven about only interacting with Wikileaks via him and only running his campaign season assertions about the stolen material on publicly available information.

The FBI had reason to believe when they took him into custody that he could seek to destroy evidence, and Stone also could have been a flight risk, although he’s since insisted that he’s not.

Stone himself has offered somewhat frenzied attacks on the FBI over their treatment of him, asserting both that they “terrorized” his wife and dogs with “Gestapo tactics” and were “extremely courteous.” It’s one or the other.

The whole debacle went down on camera because CNN had staked out his house on a hunch after noticing unusual grand jury activity that suggested they were handing down something like an indictment. (As it turns out, they were.) Republicans as high-ranking as Trump himself have suggested that authorities tipped CNN off as some sort of nefarious further example of “fake news,” but that’s just not true and there’s no evidence for that assertion.

Trump and his most ardent defenders have consistently ignored where there is evidence of corruption like in the case of all of their associates who’ve been slapped with criminal charges from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In the same interview in which he complained about the FBI’s treatment of Stone, he claimed there were “no phone calls, no meetings, no nothing” constituting collusion with Russia.

His own son met with a Kremlin lawyer in Trump Tower seeking dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government!

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot