History Teacher Hangs His Personal Nazi Flag In Class & Gets Hit Instantly


Bakersfield California isn’t exactly a place of scholars. It smells more of a pit containing a mixture of meth heads and oilfield good ole boys. I can say that from personal experience because, unfortunately, that’s where this article is being written from.

Now, a local world history teacher at Frontier High School has gone and proven me right. The following tweet was sent out by the parent of a child in David Gaeta’s classroom during a lesson on the Holocaust.

According to Eyewitness News:

“David Gaeta hangs the flag in his classroom every year while they study World War II and the Holocaust. After students shared that they were shocked by the Nazi symbolism in their classroom, Gaeta explained his reasoning for having it up, noting that it’s a flag given to him from a relative who served in WWII and would be taken down after the lesson was concluded, according to Thomas.”

The school says that they have no plans to punish the teacher for hanging the nazi paraphernalia in a classroom during such a racially divided time in our country. This is what they told 29 News:

“It was part of history and part of a lesson, but it’s not something that’s hanging permanently in his classroom.”

People responding to the concerned parent’s tweet had mixed opinions. Here are a few of those comments below via Twitter: