Ocasio-Cortez Destroys NY GOP For Ridiculous Lies Against Her


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is severely hated by Republicans. They tell her daily in their vile voicemails to her headquarters, and relentless tweets attacking her for things like her clothes and big eyes. Every single time, it is the Republican who ends up looking stupid because their complete lack of knowledge on political history makes them no match for the young powerhouse.

AOC, as she is now called, doesn’t back down to anyone who challenges her, leading to some very interesting public exchanges of words, and boy is she good with the words.

Check out her response to a tweet from the NY GOP that read:

“Radicals like are holding the Democratic Party and our nation hostage. , , and should fight for a deal that increases border security. It’s what the people want!”

The responses to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet were exactly what you’d expect for the new rockstar of the Democratic Party. Check out some of the best responses below: