Trump Gets Petty In Late Night Tweet About Black Face Governor


Normally Donald Trump is a very quiet man who minds his own business…wait strike that comment. He actually loves to add his voice to every situation because he just loves the sound of himself. Well today on Twitter was no exception as he jumped into the fray concerning the picture of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam dressing like Michael Jackson, including the abhorrent use of black face, at a party in 1984.

What does making comments on “super” late term abortion have to do with the situation Gov. Northam is going through, and why is Trump even bringing it up? Sure Northam apologized for appearing in that picture, he was trying to save face (no pun intended) with his constituents. But it did seem kind of weird to apologize for it, then turn around the next day and say it wasn’t him. Now he’s sounding exactly like Donald Trump. You know lie, lie, lie…then lie some more and hope your voters fall for it.

Trump then went on to slam the opposition workers who did research for Northam’s opponent in the Virginia governor’s race, Ed Gillespie.

Trump must not remember that the Gillespie campaign was having a hard time during that race, considering Gillespie was accused of being a white nationalist. Since Trump is a self-described white nationalist it only stands to reason he would come to the defense of other accused nationalists.

Plus what’s up with his comment on malpractice and dereliction of duty? Malpractice has to do with medical professionals and dereliction of duty concerns members of the military.

Does Trump really think Gillespie’s opposition research staff was full of doctors and soldiers? There’s no telling what he’s thinking since it appears Trump is starting to show the effects of dementia. That’s why he lies and is confused all the time…it looks like today was no different.

Check out what the Twitterverse had to say about Trump’s ramblings.

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