Trump Goes On ‘CBS Sunday’ & Suffers Humiliating Mental Breakdown In Front The Entire World


Any interview Donald Trump gives to a mainstream news outlet is going to get attention, but Trump said enough to rile the nation during an interview for Face the Nation. Showing his utter ignorance on topics like foreign policy and the Mueller probe was bad enough, but Trump attacked Speaker Nancy Pelosi with jaw-dropping insults.

Trump called the Speaker “bad for our country” and continued his assertion that the Democrats are for “open borders” despite billions of dollars offered and spent on border security. His most eye-opening attack, though, was on human trafficking.

‘She knows that you need a barrier. She knows that we need border security. She wanted to win a political point. I happen to think it’s very bad politics because basically she wants open borders. She doesn’t mind human trafficking or she wouldn’t do this.’

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress since Trump was nothing but a laughable fake billionaire in the tabloids for getting his mistress pregnant. She’s dealt with issues of human trafficking since before Trump even learned the term. Trump, however, didn’t stop with just accusing of her of turning a blind eye to human trafficking. He blamed her directly for murders.

‘She’s- she’s costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because what’s happening is when you have a porous border, and when you have drugs pouring in, and when you have people dying all over the country because of people like Nancy Pelosi who don’t want to give proper border security for political reasons, she’s doing a terrible disservice to our country. And on the 15th we have now set the table beautifully because everybody knows what’s going on because of the shutdown. People that didn’t have any idea- they didn’t have a clue as to what was happening, they now know exactly what’s happening. They see human trafficking. They see drugs and gangs and criminals pouring in. Now, we catch them because we’re doing a great job. But if we had proper border security we wouldn’t have to work so hard and we could do an even better job, and I think Nancy Pelosi is doing a terrible disservice to the people of our country.’

Trump also proved that the entire issue of immigration is nothing but a political game to him. He has the “better issue,” he says, and so he’ll win this standoff.

‘She can keep playing her games, but we will win. Because we have a much better issue. On a political basis, what she’s doing is- I actually think it’s bad politics, but much more importantly it’s very bad for our country.’

Featured image screenshot via Twitter video